Mopar’s Insanely 1,000 hp ‘Hellephant’ Crate Engine Roars In 1968 Charger

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Dodge has gone mad and we love it. Mopar has officially unveiled the Hellcat-inspired “Hellephant” engine.

It’s the newest crate engine from Mopar that produces an absurd 1000 horsepower and 950 pound-feet of torque on pump gas.

1,000 hp Hellephant Crate Engine
As some of you may have already guessed the name comes from Chrysler’s 2nd gen 426 Hemi which was nicknamed “The Elephant” engine due to its power weight and massive size. The Hellephant also is 426 cubic inches, but also features an aluminum block and a massive 3 liter twin-screw supercharger. Just for comparison the Demon supercharger is 2.7 litres.

But instead of just unveiling this ridiculous engine on a stand and saying “ta-dah!”, Dodge decided to showcase it in a 1968 Dodge Charger to celebrate the iconic car’s 50th birthday. God bless America.

Mopar Super Charger with Hellephant engine
The chassis has been modified to allow for the reverse-birth of that four-digit “Hellephant” powerplant, while a T-6060 manual six-speed ‘box from a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been added to try its best at getting 1,000bhp to the road.

1968 Dodge Charger with Hellephant engine front
A 1968 charger was purchased from Craigslist and from there it was lowered by two and a half inches, the wheelbase stretched by two inches the front overhang shortened, body widened by four inches, drip moldings and wing vent removed and a front splitter and rear spoiler were added. The headlights are from a 2019 Challenger, the fiberglass hood features a Demon hood scoop and the side mirror is from a ’71 Duster.

1968 Dodge Charger with Hellephant engine rear
And perhaps most trick of all is the exhaust which takes a sharp kick up at the rear through the trunk floor pan and out the back where the taillights should be. The only thing that wasn’t touched on this car were the body sides.

You can expect to see the Hellephant engine available in the first quarter of 2019, and then a whole bunch of old Dodge Chargers with 1,000 hp shortly thereafter.

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