This Mazda RX-3 Sleeper Blow Jay Leno’s Mind

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This Mazda RX-3 is just ridiculous – in the best possible way!

Savant Young’s owns this tough little Mazda RX3 that made its way onto Jay Leno’s Garage. Young said that, as a boy his uncles would race RX-3’s on the streets of Compton in California, he liked how the rotors sounded and the fact that a tiny import could go up against and beat big American muscle cars of the time.

The Mazda RX-3 may not have been the most popular car of its time, but for mixed martial artist Savant “Black Superman” Young, his 1973 edition has become a significant emotional and physical investment.

Leno, who is no stranger to the automobile world, was impressed with the blacked out chrome and Lamborghini grey color scheme which gives it a modern pro touring look. He even admits that the RX3 isn’t typically his kind of car, but it’s was the particular styling of this one that impressed him.

“My car is a perfect example of me, in a sense of – it’s no frills. When you look at the car, and know it’s about business,” says Savant Young. “I carry the same demeanor myself – when you get locked in a cage with someone else, business needs to be done at that point.”

Young’s Mazda RX-3 features an aerospace-grade braking system, a Toyota pickup truck rear end, and a 400-horsepower single-turbo engine borrowed from its faster sibling, the RX-7, blows the original out of the water, both in looks and performance.

Savant Young’s unique, home-grown RX-7-engined Mazda took years to get looking and running just right. With sleeper looks and serious performance, this is the type of build we love.

Take a look at the video and see this little rotary put the biggest smile on Leno’s face.

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