Leah Pritchett Does A Proper Burnout In A Challenger Hellcat

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Mopar driver Leah Pritchett competes in the NHRA’s Top Fuel drag racing series and this year took her first-ever event win on the professional circuit. She’s certainly acquired some talents throughout her drag racing career and one is how to do a pretty gnarly burnout.

Leah Pritchett is not only an energetic, fast, self-propelled professional drag racer, she is approaching her 20th consecutive season competing in the NHRA®, and at only 27 years of age, she is also the youngest driver in the NHRA Top Fuel category.

Pritchett recently teamed up with Hoonigan to produce a video of a 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat doing a burnout. It’s a simple recipe, but in our opinion, the resulting video is a pretty entertaining way to spend 40-seconds of your time. There’s a loud V8 engine, tire smoke and catchy music, what’s not to like?

Check out the video above to see another of the very many burnouts that have been done at the helm of a Hellcat.

Source fcauthority.com

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