GMC Sierra All-Mountain Will Shepherd You Through The Tundra In Style

If you’re gonna call yourself ‘All Mountain,’ better bring tank tires. GMC did. And look where that got ’em.

Whistler Blackcomb is the Canada’s toughest mountain. 7211 ft. High! 38.4 ft. of snow every season! The GMC All-Mountain can conquer it! The All Mountain Sierra becomes a bold character itself as it joyfully eats up Whistler Mountain in its backyard playground.

In fact, the new machine was built to ascend Whistler Blackcomb’s impressive slopes, including Flute Bowl, for maintenance and rescue operations. Several engineers were called in to design the GMC Sierra All Mountain, and they opted to include 175 Series Mattracks letting you effortlessly get across the powder and any harsh terrain. The ride was outfitted with a 12″ lift kit and comes in weighing 10,667 lbs, versus the 8,600 pounds of a standard version.

A Z71 off-road suspension package and LED lights were also added to help navigate through and avoid snowdrifts. The 4-wheel drive system gets an upgrade with an Eaton automatic rear locking differential while the off-road tuned monotube Rancho dampers make for a sturdy ride. There is even an underbody transfer case shield and an anti-lock brake system that keeps you safe and in order.

Of course, this type of exploring requires quite a lot of power, which comes in the form of a 6.6-liter Duramax diesel. The engine produces wild 910 pound-feet of torque and a roaring 445 horses. Ain’t no mountain high enough for this thing.

This showstopper, equipped with intensive off-road treads, is the ultimate off-road vehicle and is capable of conquering whatever you throw at it. Don’t take our word for it. GMC has the drone footage to prove it.

Check out this intense and impressive ride in the video below.

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