Father Proudly Films Daughter Driving For First Time, Until She Crashes Into Their Garage

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There’s a difference between the LONG skinny pedal on the RIGHT and the BRAKE pedal on the left…who knew?

A father who sat in the passenger seat as his teen daughter drove for the first time filmed the exciting moment that took a turn for the worse.

In a comical video, the proud dad is seen holding the camera up to capture his daughter Natalia’s first experience on the road. She does fairly well until turning into the driveway and crashing into the family’s garage. Yep, driveways can be tricky.

girl drove straight into garage door
A good way to lose driving privileges in the convertible is to confuse the gas pedal and the brake.

Nobody was hurt except no doubt the young girls confidence behind the wheel, the car and the garage door. Otherwise everything is fine.

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