Fab Fours Open Fender System: 40 Inch Tires On Stock Suspension

Want 40 inch tires without a lift kit? How do you prepare for an outdoor adventure?

Ford Super Duty Fab Fours no lift 40 trail grapplers
If you love taking your prized off-roader out onto the trails and get excited over rugged terrain and rock climbing, your safety may be compromised. Big tires can help – but that means installing a lift kit so those 40 inch tires will fit your off-roader. Lifting your truck raises your center of gravity, which is not desirable when on rugged trails or especially when rock climbing.

So what can you do? Spend that extra money and perhaps compromise on your safety?

Ram HD Fab Fours Open Fender System
Fab Fours developed the Open Fender System to allow you to run 40″ tires on a simple leveling kit, sparing you the cost and hassle of a full lift. The kit is built from 11-gauge US steel and meticulously tested for full range of articulation and flexing.

This new truck modification allows you to run up to 40×15.5 inch tires without the need for a lift kit. It does come with a Skyjacker leveling kit included with the package, but no lift kit is necessary.

This aftermarket truck modification is currently available for the 2016-2018 Ford Super Duty, 2016-2108 Chevy HD and the 2011-2018 Dodge Ram HD truck.

With the Open Fender System, Fab Fours ensures that you don’t lose out on any of the regular stock benefits. The back of your truck will still let you hook up and tow a 5th-wheel trailer just as it came from the factory!

Chevy HD Fab Fours open fender system
Fab Fours Open Fenders retains the performance of your off-roader just as it was designed and built at the factory by keeping the suspension geometry the same!

Your truck will thank you for allowing it to do what it was meant to do!

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