Ever Wondered Why Drag Racing Clutches Are So Expensive?

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Clutches have been a staple in high performance vehicles throughout history; and in drag racing, the story is no different.

What was once a simple mechanical device with minimal hardware, the drag racing clutch has involved into an incredible system of intricate components that can be dissected and fine-tuned even while its host vehicle is making its way down the racing surface.

The racing clutch in drag cars costs so much because it is one of the most important parts on the entire car! Because race cars use a manual transmission, having a specialized, high quality clutch is an absolute MUST!

Without it, it doesn’t matter how much power you car has or how good of a reaction time you might have, you won’t be going anywhere!

The clutch helps transfer that power from the engine to the transmission and then on to the diffs via the driveshaft. The more power a car has, obviously, the heartier the clutch must be! This video gives us a great idea of how a modern racing clutch is made.

In the video below, Pat Norica of RAM Clutches provides a detailed, step-by-step overview of the components that make up a Billet Drag Racing Clutch system. Additional information on how to install a clutch in your car, how to make basic adjustments and general maintenance over time is also demonstrated.

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