DRAG-U-LA: Dave Scott Has Recreated The Munsters Icon

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Built at home by David Scott and his close mate Glenn Pierce, this eye-catching Drag-Ul-A replica is a classy tribute to the Munsters machine.

FIFTY years ago the sport of drag racing was still a fairly new concept beloved by kids all over the USA. So when Hollywood came to put its own take on quarter-mile culture, it might strike many as strange that it wasn’t a hard-edged cop drama or action show but a sit-com about a family of monsters or, more accurately, Munsters.

Just in case you’re too young to know or too old to remember take a look at this brief video highlight.

The Drag-U-La was created by legendary designer Tom Daniel to be built by Barris Kustom and its influence was more widespread and longer lasting than anyone could have imagined at the time. Not only did it inspire a multitude of clones that were created for both recreational and commercial purposes, but it also inspired scores of other coffin cars.

David Scott, who created Drag-U-LA, stole the show at Meguiar’s MotorEx Sydney in 2015 when he presented his tribute to the Munsters machine.

Dragula by David Scott rear
David’s incredible tribute started with a custom-made chassis that he and friend Glen Pearce constructed. Dave also followed the original’s recipe of Model T hairpin front-end and steering, with skinny 16x3in spindle-mounted wire wheels sans any form of brakes. You’re looking at a period-correct drag-spec front-end here, kids!

To recreate the look, David scored a pair of 18-gauge steel coffins, which he shortened and widened to get the proportions just right. They were decorated with resin trimming and real coffin handles before Josh Carono of Swains Motor Body Repairs laid down that eye-searing House of Kolor Pagan Gold.

One area David’s DRAG-U-La differs from the original coffin-based dragster is in the powerplant department. Rather than the 289ci Ford V8 utilised by Korky, David sourced a crate 350 Chev from Rocket Industries. The untrained eye couldn’t tell the difference though, as the pair of custom air scoops are modelled off the original twin units and are near-perfect replicas. Also, hiding under them is a similar induction set-up of twin Holley 350cfm carburettors on an Edelbrock cross-ram intake manifold (the original DRAG-U-LA used an ultra-rare Mickey Thompson cross-ram intake).

Drag-U-La by David Scott rear
Another difference to the original is the transmission with David choosing an auto instead of a four-speed manual, plus a Toyota Hilux diff over a nine-inch. While the original DRAG-U-LA also featured custom spider motifs on hubcaps, David chose to run proper drag style wires and period-perfect Radir wheels.

Below is a quick sneak peak behind the scenes of the photo shoot with Phills Kustom photography and Drag-U-La.

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