Don Baskin’s 1966 Chevy II SS

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Don Baskin own one of the largest and most valuable collection of rare Chevys, especially COPO stuff (and not just Camaros).

Chevrolet COPO Camaros
While his collection is focuses primarily on COPO and other rare Camaros, if you keep your eyes peeled into the background you can see that Baskin’s thirst for muscle cars is nearly unquenchable.

Don Baskin is a huge Chevrolet fan but it doesn’t stop there. He is a race fanatic! Whenever Don has any free time at all, he is either racing or working on a race car.

Don Baskin 1966 Nova SS at NMCA event
Mr. Baskin was races this 1966 Chevy II race car at NMCA events in the Mean Street segment. This car is SO different that it makes us smile when we look at it. Not to mention, this 362 cubic inch Chevrolet Small Block Engine puts out over 650 horsepower and runs consistent 9.65 ET’s at 132mph.

Don Baskin 1966 Nova SS at NMCA wheel-stand
Check out all photos above, than head over to the last photo below. Under this photo you can find links to grab it for your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Chevrolet Nova from Don Baskins collection

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