Chevy Dually vs. Semi Tug-of-War. Is It Possible?

Remember playing “tug-of-war” on the school playground at field day? Those were the days…
Fortunately, tug-of-war doesn’t have to be a thing of the past. It’s not unusual to see a grown man hitch his pickup truck to another grown man’s pickup truck in an attempt to, we assume, prove their chosen engine, brand or tires are better than the other as they face in different directions and start pulling. What is unusual, however, is to see one such pickup truck hitched up to a massive big rig.

What happens in the video is a whole bunch of engine noise, a whole bunch of smoke pouring out of the semi, and a winner that might surprise you.

We’re not going to spoil the ending of this particular tug-of-war challenge, but we will say that we wouldn’t be showing it to you if everything went exactly as you’d expect it to. To see who wins and how it all goes down, check out the video.

Okay, if you’ve already watched the video or you just like ruining your own fun for some reason, then the result is this— the Chevy destroys the semi in this contest. Actually, its not even a contest. The Chevy takes the semi and plays with it like a killer whale tosses a seal around before eating.

semi-truck-vs-chevy-dually-tug-of-war 02
So what happened here? Why was an admittedly formidable Chevy six-wheeled dually pickup able to manhandle an enormous semi? A man standing beside claiming that it’s received about $15,000 in engine work. If he’s right, then we’re not looking at a standard Chevy pickup but rather something with a little more action taking place under the hood. But that only seems fair, considering its opponent is about three times its size and built to haul several-ton loads across thousand-mile stretches of highway.

Another possible factor affecting the outcome is the fact that the semi isn’t carrying a load— as you might guess from their shape and design, semi tractor cabs are extremely front-loaded, which is not so good when it comes to tug-of-war contests. Many commenters claim that the semi would make meat out of the Chevy if it was able to carry a load on its back end. But regardless, you’ve got to give respect to the Chevy dually for standing up under the shadow of such a gigantic beast of a truck.

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