Car Wraps… Loud or Stealth?

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It seems that the car community has really embraced vinyl wrap, whether they’re cars displayed by Ford, Chrysler, GM or simply one-off customs, builders are turning to vinyl as a genuine alternative to paint.

custom wrapped Mustang
Trends come and go almost as fast as the wind changes which is why when it comes to vehicle personalization, wraps are king. The ease of which the appearance can be changed and the length of time its off the road all whilst having zero effect on resale value makes it a way more viable option than custom painting for those who like to keep with the times or just can’t make up their mind.

A safe bet these days is the stealth look, a full body wrap of matte or satin in black or dark grey finish. It’s been tried and proven and people still love it!

dodge charger matte black vinyl wrap
Show cars and street cars alike have set this trend and keep it as the most popular.

Then there’s the loud avenue. With matte colors like orange, apple green, yellow, red and blue metallic you can really make a statement!

Matte Black and Orange Camaro Wrap
For those who like to go against the grain or like starting trends of their own, bright colors will turn heads whether its loved or hated.

ford-mustang-matte-blue-metallic vinyl wrap
After talking with the people responsible for many of these amazing pieces of art, it’s apparent that they really like the idea of wrapping a car, not only was it a cost-effective way to stand out from the crowd when compared to a full ground-up paint scheme, also many of the vinyl finishes available today are incredibly difficult to consistently reproduce with paint e.g. brushed metals, carbon fibre and the matte metallic finishes. Not to mention you can peel it of when you decide that it’s time for that new look.

matte red and black stripes Camaro vinyl wrap
At the end of the day everyone is going to have there own option but it’s your car and you can make it look how you want it!

Now check this wicked urban Camo Copper Camaro in the video below…out of this world!!!

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