“The Boss” – 1968 Mustang Fastback by Kindig It Design

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Kindig It Design has much to be proud of when showcasing this award winning 1968 Mustang titled “The Boss”. This vehicle truly is a one of a kind build that has kept quite a buzz surrounding it for the last couple of years at car shows and beyond.

Every aspect of the car has been touched upon in a redesign that, quite simply, is nothing short of stunning in every sense of the word.

1968 Mustang Fastback by Kindig It Design

“The Boss” has won several awards at car shows including the GoodGuys Top 5 street machine for 2009 and Utah’s finest 2009 at Utah autorama.

Rick Johnson had spent 5 years looking for a mustang and then he spotted this one at the 2012 Barrett Jackson show in Las Vegas, Nevada. While Rick wasn’t planning on spending $275,000.000 on a Mustang, he knew this was the one he had been looking for. After Rick won the car, he called Kindig It Design and thanked them for building such an amazing car and even got personalized license plates in honor of Kindig It Design. This kind of customer enthusiasm says a lot about the craftsmanship of the builder.

1968 Mustang Fastback The Boss by Kindig It Design
Listed below are just a few of the modifications that help make this Mustang “The Boss”.

-418 Cubic inch motor with ATI Pro Charger
-6 Speed trans Tremec 56
-24×15 Intro luxury alloy wheels
-Interior by JS Customs
-Patented smooth door handles by Kindig It Design
-Art Morrison Frame

1968 Mustang Fastback by Kindig It Design interior
As stated by Dave Kindig (The owner and Designer at Kindig It Design) this 1968 Mustang Fastback was built from the ground up. The total package makes 992 hp at the crankshaft and sounds absolutely insane.

Watch the 2 video clips below to see just how smooth this 1968 Mustang really is.

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