Bloody Hot 1957 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup OSCRL383 from OSC Oldtimerservice

What to do if you only have 8 weeks and a 1957 Chevrolet pickup truck who needs to become a unique version?
The answer is work, work, work…

That´s obviously what the team around Zeljko Matic from the OSC Oldtimerservice in Germany did. To make it on time with this beauty in a total of 9 weeks they invested hard work, blood, sweat, throwbacks and those little success stories that kept them moving until they finally reached their goal.

To get away from a rumbling and slow driving truck they took a 383 cui stroker engine with little tune ups like an Edelbrock 4-barrel Nascar edition performer intake with a Holley performer carb. A mild cam is giving the engine a nice street adjusted run with a lot of power once you hit the accelerator pedal. The TH700 automatic transmission is bringing the power to the rear axle with C5 disc brakes. In the front a 79 Camaro front end with rack and pinion steering makes turns smooth and easy.
Opening the hood with those polished billet style hinges is such a pleasure that you do not even want to close it.  They fit perfectly the aluminum look of the engine.

Slotted and drilled brake rotors make the car stop easily and to avoid a big parking brake lever, an electric emergency brake is used.
The two exhausts on the side produce an amazing sound without being annoying while you drive. You can easily hear the power this engine produces.
9×18 and 8×18 Boss wheels in the front give the car a perfect look with not too much tire on the wheels but still drivable. And the 2″ lowered suspension just adds to that perfect look.

The OSC Oldtimerservice guys choosed a Ford Racing Red color. Even though some Chevy-guys will hate them for that, they thought that color fitted their concept the best. The idea was to keep everything gray and red. They matched the color of the wood in a gray oil which only took them five different types of oil and tries to find out the one that fitted the best with the interior and the wheels.
A big issue were the doors, which just didn´t fit as the car was used for what is built for – as a truck. Nobody took care of the hinges, fitments, and gaps over the years.

The tailgate didn´t close at all and would be rumbling while driving, so they decided to use their turnery to make their own hinges inside and make the tailgate fit like it should be. The outcome was a not rumbling, perfectly fitted gate that was able to open and close without ruining the paint. The new polished bed stripes give the wood the perfect final touch.

All gaps have been cleaned and as perfectly fitted as possible, which just took them a few hours/days and some nervous breakdowns 😉
The gas tank was mounted under the bed to gain some space in the interior and is going to be filled on the bed, so there is no fuel door on the side to keep the clean look.
To get a more custom look a sun visor was adjusted and installed in the same ford racing red. It is a perfect fit with the lowered look of the car.
Polished aluminum rocker panel and side step covers are giving the final touch on the outside.

One main goal was to create a custom interior which was unique, so just adding new upholstery was no option. The second goal was to get a drivable, not noisy and rumbling drive experience, so they decided to put in about 40 pounds of noise canceling insulation which makes the car really fun to drive.

Another reason for the insulation was the audio system. With a totally hidden dvd/cd receiver and two 6.5″ two-way speaker system by German Maestro in front and rear, the Rockford-Fosgate 6-channel amplifier and the 12″ JL-Audio subwoofer produces an amazing sound quality which can be turned up to make the glass jump if you wanted to. Everything installed was meant to be hidden so you don´t see too much of the Hifi-system at a first glance and just get surprised once the music and the bass hits in.

To get that custom look in the first step the dash panel was cleaned and filled up with white Autometer gauges.

The upholstery was the biggest work and was done in a vintage, real leather which was specially treated to get that used look. All details can be found again on the bench seat, the headliner, the full door panels or even the inside visors. And to make the perfect look, custom made panels were built under the dash and upholstered with the same details as the rest of the interior. No cable or unnecessary switch is seen. Lokar pedals give the brake and acceleration pedals a nice aluminum touch which fits the rest.

The black leather stripes are kept through the whole concept and found again in the bench seat, headliner and are used as door straps.
The custom cut carpet and mats gives the car a clean look and fits perfect to the gray interior.
To get some warming heat in the cold days an aftermarket heater assembly was installed hidden under the panels, so even cruising on the cold days is fun.
Power windows gives a little bit of comfort to the driver and makes cruising with open windows a little bit more comfortable.

Cruising with that beauty on a summer day and listening to some good music is much better than what the car first was in the beginning built for – working on a hot day outside on the fields.

You can visit OSC Oldtimerservice website to learn more about their services and true craftsmanship.

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