BLASFAMOUS – 1949 FORD F3 Pickup Rat Rod

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This is Blasfamous. A ground up, hand-fabricated, turbocharged bucket of fun.

1949 Ford F3 pickup rat rod
We’re talking about Chris Lee’s ’49 Ford that’s powered by a 1JZ Toyota engine, Nissan 6spd transmission and a chassis built entirely from scratch. And yes, you are right – it look downright blasphemous.

Chris is a very talented photographer but he is a home grown fabricator too. From top to bottom, this customized post-WWII-era Ford pickup is all Chris’ handy work.

Blasfamous - Chris Lees 1949 Ford pickup rat rod
Here’s a little excerpt from Chris about it: “It’s a ground up, homegrown mess of parts assembled in what I describe as a giant anxiety attack. The cab was purchased from a place in Minnesota and shipped. Pretty much everything else was sourced through forums, Craigslist and swap meets. The cab is a 1949 Ford F3. The bed is a late 30’s Chevy. The engine is a Toyota 1JZ connected with a Collins adapter to a Nissan 6 spd.

The driveshaft is custom made to my spec at a local driveshaft shop. I performed all the work myself with the help of my buddies in a 1 car garage over the last 28 months.

Chris Lees 1949 Ford pickup Blasfamous
All the metalwork is done by me, learning over time from YouTube videos and TheFabForums. I went to school when I was in my upper 20’s to be a Draftsman, I don’t do that for a living but I use the drawing knowledge from that to apply to my parts. Only the chassis was done in Autocad, everything else started off as paper/cardboard templates drawn with pencil.”

Blasfamous 1949 Ford pickup rat rod interior
“Every single night after work, weekends, holidays,” Chris says about the hours invested. “Hell, I even quit a few jobs to give myself week-long runs at building.”

A vehicle build could somewhat change the projection of a person’s life. Having a vision, spending countless hours in design and fabrication. Struggles, challenges overcoming to finally reap the benefits! That’s life… BTW, we love your build.

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