Black Stallion: 1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback

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An original 1965 Mustang Fastback is a classic example of 1960’s American muscle car technology.

By this I mean it makes a good noise, but it can’t go around a corner and the brakes work as well as using a spoon to dig your own grave.

1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback right side
Sure you can use it but you may be dead before it finishes the job. So if you are a muscle car guy who wants modern muscle car performance in a classic body you must take a detour from a true showroom restoration.

In the case of this black beauty, the process was an unlimited budget build. The owner having driven a 1965 Mustang as a young man knew that the performance of the factory original car would not meet his standards.

1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback rear
So for starters let’s take a look at the exterior of the car. The majority of the chrome has been replaced with gloss black including the front, rear, and side window surrounds. All of the badges have been removed. The front and rear fender wells have been stretched a bit to accommodate wider and larger wheels.

575hp Roush 427R motor in 1965 Mustang
Under the hood sits a 575hp Roush 427R motor with individual throttle bodies and fuel injection. The motor sends 480 HP to the wheels through a 5-speed transmission. Wilwood disc brakes sit at all four corners with two-piece rotors. So we have established the car has the power to be very fast and has the brakes to slow it down, but what about the curves?

This car’s party piece is a NASCAR style rocker arm suspension hidden under the vintage shell. This fancy suspension allows this Stang to slice around the curves with the deadly precision of a skilled sushi chef cutting out the only non-poisonous piece of a blowfish.

1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback interior
Sitting in the interior you are enveloped by over eighty cow hides and a double French-stitched leather wrapped dash. A custom-built roll cage adds much needed safety and is matched to a set of racing buckets equipped with 4 point racing harnesses. With the addition of the cage, the rear seats were eliminated and replaced with a carpet lined storage shelf.

Power windows, air conditioning, and a large amount of sound deadening make this muscle car as comfortable as a Vegas hotel bed after a long night of heavy drinking and gambling. The attention to detail is incredible with unique door panels and even a custom suede headliner.

1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback left side
So what has been created is the ultimate high performance street Mustang. A sleek black monster that flies under the radar in an ocean of restored brightly colored and striped muscle cars that have become so common these days. A true Mustang guy could spend hours noticing the subtle touches that have been added to make this car a true one-off restoration.

Black Stallion 1965 Custom Ford Mustang Fastback

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