707 Hp Hellcat vs 850 Hp Hennessey Hellcat, the Street Fighter Take

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Nothing like a good burnout with two supercharged and bad to the bone american muscle cars!

Hennessey Performance seems to gravitate towards high-horsepower American cars and have gained quite the reputation over the years for their technical endeavors. The piece of footage at the bottom of the page bring us a Hellcat-to-Hellcat compare, one that involves a 707 hp Mopar machine and an 850 hp Hennessey Dodge Challenger Hellcat HPE850.

So, how are the extra horses achieved? The 6.2-liter supercharged V8 gets a lower pulley upgrade, which adds 1-2 psi of boost, while the throttle body is a port-matched unit and the standard air filter is replaced with a high-flow one. Oh, and let’s not forget the ECU remap that keeps everything in check.

Heck, the Hellcat itself is quite the opposite of “reasonable”, so it would be odd to call this upgrade so.

The question remains; who would want to get more power out of their Challenger Hellcat? Clearly 707 horsepower is already difficult to get to the ground without a whole ordeal, 850 would just make the car less practical than even the stock Hellcat. Maybe, it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but hey, we live in a free world. And it is exactly what I like.

At last, we all know that the Hennessey Hellcat HPE850 was going to win. Maybe the point in this video was to show how much faster Hennessey’s variant is.
Check out another, more powerful Hennessey’s creation – 1,032hp Triple-Charged Hellcat Challenger.

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