This 2,500 Horsepower Nissan GT-R Is a Record Breaker

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Texas doesn’t screw around: they like things big, and they like things powerful. There’s no place like Texas for stuffing as much horsepower under your hood as humanly possible.

Tuning company T1 Race Development from Rockwall, TX, transforms an R35 GT-R into a rocket ship by cramming about 2,500hp under the bonnet and firing it to 235mph. So when the guys at T1 Race Development got their hands on a Nissan GT-R, they transformed this car in real Godzilla.

T1 Nissan GT-R R35
The owner Tony Palo has raced for more than a decade, setting numerous records and being the first to run an 8-second pass in a FWD streetcar. He opened his own shop back in 2005, T1 Race Development, to put his expertise into customer builds made to win races and set records while furthering his own racing endeavors.

Tony’s personal R35 serves as the test mule for product development and is constantly pushing this platform to new levels. Making 2,000+whp in any application is an amazing feat and doing it in a street car that you can run errands in is just flat out crazy.

2500hp GT-R engine from T1 Race Development
That’s apparently enough to get the Texas Godzilla through the quarter mile in 7.3 seconds at 195 miles per hour (7.41 @ 204mph best trap speed) and top speed of 235mph in 1/2 mile. Jeez.

The T1 machine sports a GT1R Stage 7 4.0 liter R35 Extreme Duty short block with Stage 3 cylinder heads and camshafts, with a pair of Forced Performance HTZ4505 turbos. Instead of using air-to-air intercoolers, a set of air-to-water heat exchangers neatly position in line with the compressor discharge of each of the T4-framed turbochargers.

T1 Race Development Nissan R35 GT-R
All said, the GT-R produces close to 2,500 horsepower. And best of all, it’s still street legal and street-driven.

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