1952 Chevrolet Derelict Business Coupe by Icon, Bearer of the Rat Rod and American Power

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A fad in every rule, brutality and muscle, with touches of exclusive refinement, this Icon Derelict ’52 Chevy Business Coupe built by the guys at Icon is my kind of classic.

Icon Derelict 1952 Chevy Business Coupe
It’s astounding. Got a all-aluminum, fuel-injected 6.2-liter General Motors LS3 V8 and cranks out 430 horsepower.

LS3 fuel injected motor in 1952 Chevrolet Derelict Business Coupe
It is the engine that mounts the Corvette C6 or the Chevrolet Camaro. It is associated with a GM 4L65Eautomatic transmission, which sends all the power to the rear axle without filters. It features an Art Morrison chassis and a completely reworked suspension.

Art Morrison chassis
Behind the custom CNC-machined wheels shod in ZR-rated BF Goodrich rubber are a full set of six-piston disc brakes with anti-lock control which ensures that the whole party can come to a stop in a timely fashion.

1952 Chevrolet Derelict Business Coupe by Icon rear
Oh, and the patina is real. Amazing.

Icon Derelict 1952 Chevy Business Coupe interior
Things get really crazy in the interior. It’s got vintage mohair from an Aston Martin on the headliner. The seats are covered in wild alligator and buffalo – dyed to match Kennedy’s briefcase. The carpet is vintage Rolls-Royce Wilton wool with buffalo binding. Job well done.

1952 Chevrolet Derelict Business Coupe by Icon
Built for daily use and serious performance, this car has surprised many a driver as it leaves anything in the rearview mirror once the light is green!

The man behind it – and Icon – is Jonathan Ward.
In next video (in beautiful Vimeo quality) Jonathan explains why Icon does what it does and how the ’52 Chevy Coupe and this ’52 Chrysler Town and Country Wagon turned from junkers into derelicts.

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