10 Stunning Cars With Incredibly Large Engines

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BMW Brutus

The Brutus was constructed between 1998 and 2006. It uses body of the 1908 American LaFrance with a V12 engine – the very first twelve-cylinder by BMW.
The engine came from the 1920s and was previously used as an aviation engine for World War II with thousands built. The Soviet Union and Japan used it as well as the Kawasaki Ha-9. Total power of 750 hp was available at 1,630 rpm for short period of time.

The Napier-Bentley was a single-seater produced for vintage racing. Its engine, the Napier Sea Lion, was unique three-bank W12 engine. The Sea Lion was originally a boat engine derived from the Napier Lion, an aeroplane engine from 1917.
It was bolted to a 1929 Napier Lion and broke the speed record of 143.44 mph (230.84 kph) in 1935.

Sunbeam 350HP

Using an unsuccessful aero engine, the Sunbeam 350HP was built with one objective – to break a land speed record. And it succeeded, more than once, eventually reaching a speed of 150.86 mph (242.80 kph).
Some interesting facts about it are it had a very decent weight of 1.5 ton and a 1.5:1 final drive ratio. That’s very long gear ratio.


Chris Williams, who built the Napier-Bentley, also created this beast called the Packard-Bentley. It uses Bentley 8 Litre chassis; however the engine is slightly different to the Napier car. It is a gasoline V12 too, but it has a huge displacement of 42 litres!
It is an American engine, named the Packard 1A-2500. Originally, it was an aviation engine, but they also used it in boats and that’s where came from for the Packard-Bentley.

Darracq V8

Many think about this Darracq as the lost surviving V8 of its type in existence. In fact, it was finished just after Christmas 1905, and two days later it proved itself breaking a land speed record of 109.65 mph (176.46 kph).
If you’re asking why it doesn’t have any body parts, it’s because the intention was to save as much weight as possible. Nobody cared about aerodynamics back in early 20th century. Thanks to that, the car was very lightweight considering its huge engine.

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